1. Event Management

    Over the course of years, we've grown into handling events from A to Z, including the preparation phase; designing and distributing all materials needed (posters, backdrops, brochures and giveaways). Then moving onto the event period itself; promotion, social media, media coverage , etc.

  2. Website

  1. Media Production

    We have an in-house team of photographers, videographers, editors, graphic designers as well as filmmakers and 3D artists. We also do video animation.

  2. Printing

  1. Digital Marketing

    We do social media campaigns, digital advertising of products and services, strategies, account management, and website content writing, design and more. We offer audience research, demographic mapping, competitors identification, workshops and focus groups, content creation process (content calendars, multimedia posts, SEO), Social media platforms management and monitoring, Monthly evaluation, and business development reports.

  2. Animation

  1. Video

    The videos that we create for advertising purposes can be related or a little bit biased to psychological terms, where when you’ve targeted your audience; lets say major type of them are millennials and you want to approach them instead of using a common idea that's used multiple times in many companies, we can utilize the peripheral route in that case; where the consumer is watching the video and they don't let the facts or content play a role in their decision-making sector in their minds, but the emotions and feelings are triggered in that situation such as joy, pride, anger, nostalgia and so forth.

  2. Photography

  1. Advertising

    We have extensive experience in outdoor advertising, event marketing and management, social media marketing, plus, newspaper and magazine ads.

  2. Press Release


  1. Social Media Marketing

    Our smart solutions allow brands to get you to the top levels in global marketing by letting the audience to engage with us about our work, our job progression and what can be done to make them fully satisfied about us; using several social media channels and applications. In addition, collecting the feedbacks from digital ads are being changed and updated in our data collection progress where our clients can be in touch about what can be done to improve and upgrade their brands.

  2. Mobile App & Web Development

  1. Publishing

    We take pride in our journalist background. This mentality has helped us take on successful projects such as Egyptian Geographic, Middle East Business Magazine, Beestock and more.

  2. Branding

    We’ve taken on more than 30+ branding project. Crafting identities from scratch is our favourite task!